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Vtiger reports and dashboards: do it in an effective way

The problem

One of the most requested task from our customers is the possiblity to create effective vtiger reports and dashboards with their Vtiger CRM open source.

Everyone is using Vtiger know limits of this CRM on this two topics.

That’s why we worked on a powerfull solution we are sure users will love, building a vtiger report module and a vtiger dashboard module, here a preview:

Flex report module

Flex report module it’s first piece of this solution. It’s more than a report module, it’s more like a business intelligence for Vtiger open source!

You can find documentation: Flex report for Vtiger documentation

You can buy module: Flex report for Vtiger shop page

To give you a first impression of how is easy and fast create a report we want to share with you this video of 90 seconds:

90 second of video to understand the power of this module:

With flex report module you can easly create different type of report in your Vtiger CRM:

  • tabular report
  • counting report
  • matrix report
  • Line / bar report
  • Pie report
  • heatmap report

You can also add quick filter to allow users to filter reports.

All report created could be used in the second module you will love: Flex Dashboard for Vtiger 


Flex Dashboard module

You can find documentation: Flex dashboard for Vtiger documentation

You can buy module: Flex dashboard for Vtiger shop page

Here some feature regarding flex dashboard:

  1. you can create how many dashboard you need, it’s easy to switch through tab
  2. you can set your dashboard ad private, public or share with specific users
  3. you can duplicate created widget
  4. for developer it’s easy create new widget

Operational Dashboard

An interesting possiblity is to create what we are calling “operational Dashboard”.

Operational Dashboard are not only reporting data with vtiger reports, but also allow user to perform action.

Here one example:

In this dashboard we show a Counter (that is one of the main widget) that only count number of records. Under counter we have list of corresponding records, you can click on to go to the record. In this way it’s possible to increase user experience in Vtiger CRM, becouse we can create a dashboard with different list of records in same place, and user doesn’t need to move from one page to another. In standard Vtiger 7 it’s possible create the so called “Mini list” but in “mini list” you can insert only 2 column, here you can add all column you need.

This one example, but you can imagine tons of situation this dashboard can help to improve user experience in Vtiger!


Vtiger reports in dashboard

As said before a typical object you want to add in your dashboard it’s a report created with flex report .

Let us show you a simple beautiful example of different vtiger reports in dashboard:


Add a widget in dashboard

Add a widget in dashboard it’s extremely easy. We report as exemple how to add a counter that count lead create in last 1 year:


And now?

If you need you can find this beatiful modules to create vtiger reports and dashboards and also other modules in our shop! If need more info please contact us.



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