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Vtiger import: how to do with advanced rules (merge, relations, …)

Vtiger import it’s a fundamental feature, particulary at start up stage of a project. Standard vtiger import works, but it’s very limited, that’s why sometimes you need a more powerfull tools to import your data in vtiger: in this case worklow designer could be a extremly flexible and powerfull solution.

What can you do with standard Vtiger import

  • Import a csv file
  • merge, skip or overwrite if duplicated
  • create relation if column data fit with with main field of related module

What can you do with workflow designer import blocks

  • Everythings: yes, it sounds impossible… but you can really do everythings! We will explain why and how!


How does it work

The main part of an import process designed with workflow designer consist in following parts:

  • a block where you define mapping of column with environmental variable
  • a block or a flow you do after single row of a csv file is load
  • an ending block

Suppose you want simply import a file with lead, the basic flow should be:

where GET NEXT LINE FROM CSV block is something like:

Consider that create record block allow you also to manage duplicate, suppose you want avoid duplicate for email and if duplicated update phone:

If you set this very simple workflow your system will allow you to import a csv file with 4 column mapped as in mapping blocks. And will create for every row one lead, but if existing then will update. This is the basic flow you should know. Now you can everythigs you want, like use condition, load external workflow, and everythigs you can do with workflow designer (you have no limits!).


Automatic import process

If used in bundle with cloudfile module, you can also automate import process taking file from an FTP server, from dropbox, google drive or other cloud systems. Also this task is very easy. You have only to set position of file and use this file with the import workflow you have previoulsy created.



Create relation with other modules during import

Creation of relation with other modules it’s a first example of complex situation you can manage if importing data in Vtiger with workflow designer. Suppose you are importing opportunity and in table you are importing you have id of company you need to link to opportunity. In this case you can use global search to find the organization and then link to opportunity. Here the example of this flow:

Where GLOBAL SEARCH is set in following way:





Modules you need

Basically you need workflow designer:

Workflow Designer

If you need to automatically load file:





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