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Vtiger fields label editing

Vtiger fields labels editing it’s an imporant topic to customize our vtiger instance. How to edit fields labels in Vtiger in an extremly easy way it’s what you will learn in this post.

Normally to edit fields label in Vtiger you need to manually edit languages files. For example you can go in languages/en_gb/Accounts.php to edit organization label. In file you get somthing like:

 * The contents of this file are subject to the vtiger CRM Public License Version 1.0
 * ("License"); You may not use this file except in compliance with the License
 * The Original Code is:  vtiger CRM Open Source
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is vtiger.
 * Portions created by vtiger are Copyright (C) vtiger.
 * All Rights Reserved.
$languageStrings = array(
	'Accounts'                     => 'Organisations'               , 
	'SINGLE_Accounts'              => 'Organisation'                , 
	'LBL_ADD_RECORD'               => 'Add Organisation'            , 
	'LBL_RECORDS_LIST'             => 'Organisation List'           , 
	'LBL_ACCOUNT_INFORMATION'      => 'Organisation Information'    , 
	'LBL_SHOW_ACCOUNT_HIERARCHY'   => 'Show Organisation Hierarchy' , 
	'industry'                     => 'Industry'                    , 
	'Account Name'                 => 'Organisation Name'           , 
	'Account No'                   => 'Organisation No.'            , 
	'Website'                      => 'Website'                     , 
	'Ticker Symbol'                => 'Ticker Symbol'               , 
	'Member Of'                    => 'Member Of'                   , 
	'Employees'                    => 'Employees'                   , 
	'Ownership'                    => 'Ownership'                   , 
	'SIC Code'                     => 'SIC Code'                    , 
	'Other Email'                  => 'Other Email'                 , 
	'Analyst'                      => 'Analyst'                     , 
	'Competitor'                   => 'Competitor'                  , 
	'Customer'                     => 'Customer'                    , 
	'Integrator'                   => 'Integrator'                  , 
	'Investor'                     => 'Investor'                    , 
	'Press'                        => 'Press'                       , 
	'Prospect'                     => 'Prospect'                    , 
	'Reseller'                     => 'Reseller'                    , 
	'LBL_START_DATE'               => 'Start Date'                  , 
	'LBL_END_DATE'                 => 'End Date'                    , 
	'LBL_DUPLICATES_EXIST'         => 'Organisation Name already exists', 
	'LBL_COPY_SHIPPING_ADDRESS'    => 'Copy Delivery Address'       , // TODO: Review
	'LBL_COPY_BILLING_ADDRESS'     => 'Copy Invoice Address'        , // TODO: Review
$jsLanguageStrings = array(
	'LBL_RELATED_RECORD_DELETE_CONFIRMATION' => 'Are you sure you want to Delete?', 
	'LBL_DELETE_CONFIRMATION'      => 'Deleting this Organisation will remove its related Opportunities & Quotes. Are you sure you want to delete this Organisation?', 
	'LBL_MASS_DELETE_CONFIRMATION' => 'Deleting this Organisation will remove its related Opportunities & Quotes. Are you sure you want to delete this Organisation?', 


If you want to change a value yuo can change in this file or in same file in one of other language folders (in example it_it for italian).

But if you need a faster and more easy way, you can get for free our language manager module:

Language manager for Vtiger


With this module you can manage different languages:

Here you can:

  1. delete a vtiger language
  2. Set a language as default in your Vtiger
  3. Export language to be used in other instance
  4. Go to other tab EDIT LANGUAGE to start editing your vitger languages


So you can go in EDIT LANGUAGE, choose languages you want to edit and simply change labels:

You can edit more that one vtiger language at same time.

If some labels are missing, you have just to click on add translation and you can add the label you need:

You can choose:

  1. if a php or js translation
  2. name of variable to translate
  3. Translation for different languages

TIPS: if you don’t know original label simple add label you see at frontend as language variable.

That’s all. Very easy manage label translation in vtiger with this free vtiger module. So Just download it!

Language manager for Vtiger




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