Mailup connector for Vtiger

Mailup connector for Vtiger


Sync your leads / contacts / organizations with Mailup lists and get results of campaigns in Vtiger CRM

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Connecting MailUp to your CRM Vtiger, you will save time, reduce risk of errors, send focused email campaigns and consult the results of the parcels directly through CRM.



  • to consume time and energy in mailing activity, if compared with results?
  • to have new contacts and not to use them?
  • to send wrong emails to the wrong customers?
  • to have the necessity to send “customized emails” with an automatic procedure?
  • to look for a system to import automatically new contacts from CRM to MailUp?
  • to aspire profiling customers depending on the information about their activity given by email?


Not manual data transfer anymore
Did you save in CRM new leads? With the connector you will find them already available within your MailUp list, ready for the mailing. Did you already modify the profile of one of your customers? At the first email transmission, it will appear properly in the MailUp list.


If you insert new data inside CRM system, you will have them also in MailUp

Because you don’t need to import data manually, you will have a data base always updated and, the most important, correct. This avoids manual and long process of data import.


Surprise your customers with a personalized email
Would you like to organize a campaign for the launch of a new niche product? Through a report elaborated by CRM you could extract the list of clients with desired features and at the same time automatically integrate a list on MailUp.


Offer to your customers what they need
If a customer calls you asking for a technical information, from his profile registered in the CRM you are able to see if he signed up for the newsletter or not, which kind of newsletters he had opened in the past and which links he clicked. With this method it will be very easy offering products and services according with his real interests.

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In the hypothesis that the commercial strategy of your company for the next months is to reactivate all your clients from whom you don’t receive any order since 6 months.

If you want to send monthly to those customers an email with a dedicated promotion, how could you proceed?

  • in CRM: create a report “customers in standby” in order to extract the names of customers who don’t have any open negotiation, neither in the last six months
  • in MailUp: create a list “customers in standby”
  • in CRM: associate to the list “customers in standby” the report “customers in standby”
  • every time that in CRM the profile of customers will be updated, it will be automatically transferred to MailUP.

Since this moment the marketing team could carry out campaigns directly from MailUp without having to take out or research manually any beneficiary.


Is it difficult to install?

Being a supplementary module of Vtiger 6.x, and Vtiger 7.x you can install it as administrator of CRM uploading the zip file through the module manager.

How can I link a name with a MailUp lists?

Primarily it has to be defined the parameter for selecting the names to insert into a specific list. To do that it’s possible to define a filter for the modules Leads, Contacts, Accounts. Automatically the module will keep the names associated to a specific MailUp list with the names extracted by the filters. The same result could be obtained using a report instead of a filter. You can manage also Reports generates with extension FlexReport and Report4You.

How is working the first data import?

At the first execution the module automatically upload MailUp lists and all the traces of the last 60 days dispatches.

Can I control from CRM if one of my customers signed out?

If a customer unsubscribe through MailUp, this information will be available also in CRM, within the section “MailUp Subscriber”. Using a customized workflow, it will be possible to transfer this information to any other sector.

Once installed, can I deactivate it?

Buying the module you will receive also a license code valid for just one CRM application. Anyway it’s conceived to cancel and reactivate the module into a different CRM endless times.

Once installed, can I deactivate it?

Buying the module you will receive also a license code valid for just one CRM application. Anyway it’s conceived to cancel and reactivate the module into a different CRM endless times.

Can I try the product?

You have the opportunity to check the product’s features within the area of The demo section allows to visualize its potential without any email sending. Moreover, if you buy it, you will have 30 days to try it and, if you are not satisfied, you will be refunded.

How often will it be updated?

You will decide the frequency of synchronization. In case of large amount of data, for example, we suggest one synchronization a day, during the night.

Are any additional costs for the update?

The module is supported and in continuous evolution. Nowadays the module is guaranteed the compatibility with 6.x and 7.x versions.


Buy the module, download the module (zip file) and the license key (see reserved area in

Upload the module inside CRM through Module Manager following the guided process

In CRM you will find 5 NEW modules (Lists, Members, Messages, Data Transmission, Links)

Activate the license and configure the API key.


  • You want to connect your CRM Vtiger with MailUp
  • You need to consult statistics directly on CRM and profile customers for recall activities or following mailings
  • You want to avoid data import procedure of MailUp
  • You would like to profile all yours contacts on the basis of the results obtained from a previous mailing campaign
  • You would like to invest on marketing activity, not anymore on secretary ones
  • You would like to have only one platform for data management
  • You would like to obtain statistics more easy to consult and more useful
  • You are tired to align, manually and periodically, contacts in MailUp
  • You don’t want to add manually anymore the new address you get
  • You want to avoid any loss or duplication of information between CRM and MailUp


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