Email marketing for Vtiger

Email marketing for Vtiger


Plan your Email campaigns easily and send Newsletter directly from vTigerCRM

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The Email Marketing for Vtiger module allows you to make Newsletter (Email Campaigns) directly from vTiger using profiled lists, check the results of these campaigns and on the results create new campaigns or edit those record massively.


– Specific SMTP for the module

– Custom outgoing Batch (i.e. 200 mails / 5 min)

– Creating profiled lists based on vTiger filters

– Creating profiled lists based on vTiger reports

– Creating lists based on the results of past campigns (records who have opened the mail, records who has clicked on link)

– Multiple lists for the same campaign (Using at the same time records from Leads, Contacts, Organizations, filter, past campaigns etc)

– Loading content from vTiger editor, HTML or template manager

– Report on number of email openings and who has opened the mail. Possibility to perform massive Edit or Tasks on records that have clicked on links.

– Schedule the Email Campaign for a later moments.


Full documentation: Email marketing for Vtiger


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