Report encoding

hiepnh asked 1 year ago

Please make it compatible with UTF-8 encoding when exporting to excel and pdf

Also when exporting to pdf it has an error, missing a / in the link

3 Answers
Stefan answered 1 year ago


I just uploaded a new version here:

This update brings support for special UTF-8 chars in PDF and Excel Export and also fix the problem with missing Slash for systems, which don’t support a trainling slash in site URL. It now also show the correct Currency. I’m sorry to hardcode EURO in module.

Currently I’m searching for a way to support Multi Currency CRM systems with a good performance, which should show mutliple currencies in one Report. Currently SUM are calculated wrong in this situation, because there is no currency conversation.

This update also fix several problems with the Vtiger 6 backport.

Starting with this version you can use the "Check Module Update" button to install updates


hiepnh replied 1 year ago

Thank you very much man, both are working great.
One small thing is I could find a button to delete a report. please guide me on this

Thank you very much for your support

Simone Travaglini answered 1 year ago

Here how to delete from list

hiepnh replied 1 year ago

I’m using version 6.x and it’s completely different

Stefan answered 1 year ago

This looks like a cached version of an older template.

We uploaded an update, which move the List Template to a new Filename to bypass a Template Cache.

You can download by Update check or from here:

hiepnh replied 1 year ago

It is just AMAZINGGGGG!!!
Thanks a lot!!!
You know it would be really perfect if the condition is your normal condition like in the RedooDashboard, because there’s still some trouble with this condition. For example if I choose modified time field, it doesn’t recognize this as a time field. So I can’t filter for the report the records which has modified today for example. And showing the filter on top of the report in the view page would really help, like Vtiger’s original report module or its4you report because that help people view related report quickly, they don’t have to create many report for each situation.

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