How to create full set of workflows mirroring vtiger mailscanner?

SupportCategory: Workflow DesignerHow to create full set of workflows mirroring vtiger mailscanner?
somsak6som asked 1 year ago

Spent a lot of time trying to make the same as I can do in vtiger core mailscanner but it not works well I think.

Pleasae help me and point me to workflow what will completly simulate vtiger core mailscanner so:

  • attach email with attached files to contact/organization/ticket/project/etc (form/to contact/organization etc)
  • create ticket (this explained in website but needs below updating ticket improvement)
  • update ticket attaching files to all comments (converted from email, or attached in CRM/portal)
  • create contact/organization/lead etc

Maybe you can set example workflow(s) on test CRM?

Simone Travaglini replied 1 year ago

Hi sorry for delay.
I think you can do everythings you asked for.
1 – to attach email you can use specific block of workflow designer called STORE EMAIL TO RECORD
2 – What’s not clear in our blog article?
3 – not clear
4 – very easy you can use CREATE RECORD BLOCK, it’s also explained in our blog article.

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