Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer

Automate your Business processes more efficient

Developed by Redoo Networks
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Compatible with VtigerCRM: 6.0 - 6.5, 7.0 - 7.1
Compatible with PHP Version: PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1
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This extensions is build, because the original workflow manager of the vtigerCRM has some huge limitations, which makes it impossible to create complex workflows. Also you don’t receive any analysis from the integrated module, which shows problems or lags in your process.

Therefore it implements an easy way to create and visualize very complex multistage business processes by using modern web technologies.
You could manage your workflows easily by connect one task with another one. It is also touch compatible, so you could manage your workflow from your smartphone/tablet.
There are no limits! You could integrate your very own and individual process.
If a Workflow Extension have any limits, you are guided by the system and not by your business needs.

The integrated workflow engine was build dedicated on top of vtiger and could interact with every module and increase the benefits of custom modules.

You could define, which way your records will go through the process and could review every single execution, a record had done, in a detailed statistic function.



You want to control your business with workflows and make use of all features you could have to maximize the support you get from the CRM, choose the Professional version.

Feature Basic Professional
Number of Workflows you could create Unlimited Unlimited
Types of Tasks 32 32 from Basic
+33 exclusive
Complexe Conditions to manage process Yes Yes
complexe Delay Configurations Yes Yes
custom and unlimited combination of tasks Yes Yes
modify Records only current Record,
like internal Workflow
Inventory Creation
(Create Invoice, Quotes, …)
Yes Yes
Inventory Manipulation
(Add Product to existing Invoice, …)
No Yes
Import Feature
(Import CSV with complete structure)
No Yes
Frontend Workflows to dynamically interact with user No Yes
complexe Workflows over different Records No Yes
EntitiyData Feature No Yes
Show Messages in Record No Yes
Interact directly with MySQL No Yes
create Conditions by related Records No Yes
HTTP Handler No Yes
Scheduler No Yes

List of available Tasks

Task Internal Workflow Basic Professional
Condition limited Yes Yes
Delay limited Yes Yes
duplicate Record No Yes Yes
create Record limited Yes Yes
create Event Yes Yes Yes
create Task Yes Yes Yes
create Inventory No Yes Yes
exit (for debug) No Yes Yes
convert SalesOrder to Invoice No Yes Yes
create Comment No Yes Yes
save PDFMaker Document from extension Yes Yes
request manuel permission No Yes Yes
redirect User to URL/PDF Template No Yes Yes
remove Record No Yes Yes
send eMail Yes Yes Yes
set fields limited Yes Yes
execute external workflow No Yes Yes
save document to Dropbox No Yes Yes
add Product to existing Invoice/Quote/… No No Yes
Import CSV No No Yes
different Handling of execution type No No Yes
execute Expression with other Record No No Yes
execute Worfklow with other Record No No Yes
Custom Condition with PHP Expression No No Yes
get/set EntityData No No / No Yes / Yes
global search in vtiger for record No No Yes
show Messagebox in Record No No Yes
check MySQL Query and handle result No No Yes
execute and Store MySQL Select Query No No Yes
Check Records, related to current record No No Yes
cancel Invoice (create Cancellation) No No Yes
parse string with RegEx No No Yes
send notification to Pushover mobile apps No No Yes
request values interactive from user No No Yes


You could easily add new functions, without any changes to existing files.

One license could be used in one live and one development system and is valid for an unlimited number of users!


  • vtigerCRM at least 6.0 or 7.0
  • PHP at least 5.4 (And enabled Curl, SOAP Extension)
  • MySQL Database (PostgreSQL is not supported)
  • Fully tested only with default Vtiger Layout. Use other layouts on your own risk.



vTigerCRM 7

Changelog of single blocks

Version: 7.02.17 - Release: 4th December 2018

Fix - Fix issue with Approval, which do nothing
Fix - Fix issue with mandatory picklists in request form
Fix - Fix issue in listview with request from values block
Fix - Request form headline and buttons can contain variables

Version: 7.02.16 - Release: 15th October 2018

Fix - Fix several bugs related to Workflow execution
Fix - Check currency within condition
Add - Shortcode to create a number from string

Version: 7.02.13 - Release: 18th September 2018

Add - Block to check if email is valid
Add - Default value for picklists in request forms
Add - Block for PDFGenerator
Fix - Major changes in Frontend JavaScript
Fix - Language Manager works correctly
DEV - Add possibility to use a field selection in SimpleConfig
DEV - Add possibility to use a timezone selection in SimpleConfig

Version: 7.02.08 - Release: 12th June 2018

Fix - Urgent update to fix a bug in encryption settings

Version: 7.02.07 - Release: 11th June 2018

Fix - PHP 7 compatible Expression Syntax check

Version: 7.02.05 - Release: 29th May 2018

Add - Implement a brand new modern request form block with better flexibilitz
Add - Implement option to define own frontend button types, to add Workflow Designer into other modules
Add - Option to let user modify email before sending
Fix - Mailscanner do not process any mails, without a condition

vTigerCRM 6

Version: 600.1834 - Release: 20th April 2018

Fix - Mailscanner do not process any mails, without a condition


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