Frontend customizer and colorizer

Frontend customizer and colorizer

Color fields, rows, show and hide fields and blocks and much more to improve UX

Developed by Redoo Networks
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Compatible with VtigerCRM: 6.0 - 6.5, 7.0 - 7.1
Compatible with PHP Version: PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1

With this module you can work on layout of your records lists and view with powerfull features like, set condition to:

  • colorize fields/row based
  • show/hide fields/blocks
  • show/hide icons / tooltips
  • make fields mandatory/read only


  • if lead is hot make field lead status green
  • if type of ticket is hardware hide block “Software information”
  • if opportunity is closed lost make mandatory fields “reason of lost”


Full documentation: Frontend customizer and colorizer for Vtiger



vTigerCRM 7

Version: 7.02.10 - Release: 7th December 2018

Fix - Fix an issue with "is empty" on reference fields

Version: 7.02.09 - Release: 2nd August 2018

Add - Conditionoperator 'is after', 'is before'
Add - show/hide Tooltip action
Fix - Issue with date fields in conditions 'is bigger', 'is lower'
Fix - Solve a situation, where 2 tooltip icons are shown
Fix - Bug in Listview, which prevent loading of configurations

Version: 7.02.07 - Release: 19th July 2018

Fix - Issue with Assigned to in Conditions

Version: 7.02.06 - Release: 29th May 2018

Fix - Show fields during creation, when already select a module
Fix - The combination of ListView colors, not shown reference field and condition of referenced field could run into several problems
Fix - ListView paginator/filterchange reapply colors

vTigerCRM 6

No Changelog


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