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Manage customers satisfaction survey with vtiger

Customer satisfaction survey it’s an important topic to make your business customer centric. Now you can easily manage also with your Vtiger CRM, thanks to our modules.

As you probably know there are different way to ask for customer satisfaction, and different moment to do survey.

What we will explain in this post is how to ask for customer satisfaction after a ticket is closed. We will do with a sempflied version of the so called CSAT.

Our semplifed version consist in using 3 different emoticon to ask for satisfaction where:




The flow

After a ticket is closed a workflow send an email to customer, in the email footer there is following question:


How much are you satisfied about the service? Click on image that better explain how do you feel:

After the click on image ticket will be automatically updated with one of the following value:

  1. not satisfied if click on red face
  2. neutral if click on yellow face
  3. satisfied if click on green face

Asking for customer satisfaction give you some interesting opportunities:

  • you can call customer if not satisfied or neutral: maybe some misunderstanding lead your customer to be unsatisfied, talking with him could help you to understand why and probably you can solve and make your customer happy (in this case you can¬† create a workflow that automatically create a task for recall
  • you can have statistic on performance of your customer service
  • you can ask referall to you satisfied customers


How to that in vtiger

First of all you have to create in ticket module a custom field to track results. In example you can create a picklist field called CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with following values:

  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Unsatisfied

Then you have to use our module Advanced Webform for Vtiger to create a webform that will compile the custom field you have created. It’s extreamly easy:

[1] Check this to make possible recognize record by ID

[2] Check this to autosubmit form, so user doesn’t need to do more click

[3] Select module

[4] Select field you want to update

[5] Here the name you need to use in Url to recognize field

Now you can take code created from Advanced Webform for Vtiger, save in an html file (in our example we call it cs.html) and upload this file in your online server.

The url you have to call to compile the value is:

https://yourserver/cs.html?record=$id&cf_984=csvalue where:

  • $id = id of record you want to update
  • csvalue = one value between Satisfied, Neutral, Unsatisfied

To automatically fill $crmid we will use Workflow designer module and send email action.

In email we will add the tree images in the footer and for every image we add a different link:




Now you can for example create a workflow that create a task to support group to recall fi result is Neutral or Unsatisfied


in this case you fill find a task related to ticket when customer satisfaction is compiled to unsatisfied:





To create this flow you need this 2 modules:

Advanced webform for Vtiger


Workflow Designer


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