Geomapping for Vtiger

Geomapping for Vtiger


With Geomapping for Vtiger 7 you can localize all your record in google maps.



[1] Here you can insert google api key

[2] Here you can insert max number of call of api

[3] Here you can set default center selecting from

  • Main company position
  • Current location
  • Custom location

[4] Here you can set default radius in KM

[5] If flagged you can localize by City

[6] Here you can add all record you need from every module, mapping fields or relating to other modules (i.e. opportunity could be localized by address of organization related)

Show maps

You can show maps:

1 – starting from record, maps will be centered at record address

2 – opening module maps, in this case you have to center maps

Then you get:


[1] here you can set radius where records are shown

[2] here you can center maps

[3] here you can add all list you want, from different modules, with different color (lists are based on filters)

[4] you can save the view

[5] you can add a list


If you click on single record you can see data from this record:

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