Timecontrol for Vtiger

Timecontrol for Vtiger Guide


Timecontrol module allow you to manage and reporting time spent in different type of task.

Adding Timecontrol record

When you crete a record you can set different fields:

1 – in subject field you can set the type of work is done

2 – in status field you can set if accepted or not

3 – in payment field you can set if should considered free of cost, part of contract and so on

NOTE: for both this 3 fields you can set values you need becouse standard vtiger picklists

4 – in relation block you can relate timecontrol record with various different record. For example same timecontrol could be related to a project and a ticket.

5 – in description field you can provide a description of work done

6 – you can also activate lineitem. In this case a new block is shown where you can add product or service like in other inventory modules of vtiger:

This feature allow you to add product and service to your timecontrol.


Views of timecontrol

You have different view of timecontrol:

1 – standard view

Here you can see and add timecontrol of one single user. Different type of record here can have different color (in setting you can define color based on picklist values).

Here like in vtiger standard calendar you can have day, month, week and agenda view.


2 – Shared calendar view

Here you can see record like in shared calendar in vtiger standard.

3 – timeline view

Here you can see / create record with a timeline view.

4 – Listview

Here you can see / create record in standard list view


In setting you can set:

1 – color of standard calendar view:

2 – when using lineitem if first line is product or service:

3 – if lineitem is active by default (if flagged every new record have flag in lineitem automatically)

4 – What is deafult view:

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