Kanban for Vtiger

Kanban view module for Vtiger


Set you kanban view is extremelty easy. To do that you have to go under SETTING → OTHER SETTINGS → KANBAN CONFIG

Here you can choose for every module:

1 – if kanban view should be active in list view or related list view

2 – what field (between all picklist fields) should be used to create kanban column

3 – What fields should be displayed in kanban box

4 – what should be default view, if standard listview or kanban view

View kanab in listview

Suppose that we configure kanban for opportunity in following way:

What you get is listview:

1 – Switch to standard listview

2 – Switch to kanban view

3 – add a record

4 – close column

5 – view detail view of record

6 – edit record

7 – add record

View kanban in related list

Suppose that we configure in related list kanban view for project task:

The result is that in related list of project task in project module I will get:


1 – switch to standard listview

2 – switch to kanban view

3 – icon to close column

4 – icon to go to detail view

5 – icon to go to edit view

6 – icon to add a new record

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