Google Calendar sync for Vtiger

Google Calendar Sync for Vtiger

Configuration of the module

  • Navigate under the API & Services section as highlighted below, compile the OAuth Consent Screen with your informations.
  • Then go in the Credentials section again and you should now be able to create an API Key. Here you’ll want to select the “OAuth client ID” option.


  • Now you will have to compile the page as it follows, keep in mind that $CRM_URL will have to be replaced with the URL or your CRM, which must be publicly available:

    Authorized Javascript origins: http://{$CRM_URL}

    Authorized redirect URL’s: http://{$CRM_URL}/index.php?module=GoogleSync&action=AuthCallBack&mode=callback

  • After saving it a popup will show you the Client ID and secret that you will use inside the module settings.
  • Back in the CRM, go to the settings page, under CRM settings > Other Settings. Here you’ll find an option called GoogleSync. Select that, youll find something like this:
  • Compile the fields with the Client ID and secret you just generated and the configuration should be complete.


The GoogleSync module uses the VTiger scheduler to sync the events. Please be sure to enable it and check if it runs correctly. If you don’t know how to setup the Vtiger scheduler please use this guide


After configuring the module you’ll find the user settings page under the Projects menu of Vtiger.

Here you’ll find the settings relative to the current logged CRM user.

If you see a button that says Login with Google it means you haven’t yet connected your google account. The module will ask permission to access your Calendar and Tasks.

Synchronize the last X days: This section specifies how many days back it will sync the event, note that the module always syncs the future events.

User status: If Inactive the sync wont work, Active means the sync is active and Error means that some errors occurred during the sync and there could be some events not synched correctly (in this case the sync is still active).

Synchronization direction: You can choose between Bidirectional (sync both ways), from Vtiger (syncs from VTiger to Google only) and from Google (syncs from Google to VTiger only).

Synchronization priority: Choose to give the priority to Google or Vtiger events.

Default start & Default end time: Is the default time interval when the event in google is an All-Day event.

Default event status and default event priority: The default status and priority of a Vtiger event when it comes from Google.

Default Rule for Private Events: Choose how you want the private events to be handled.

Default event visibility: Sets the default visibility for events coming from Google.

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