Funnel for Vtiger

Funnel for Vtiger

With this module you can manage advanced funnel with your Vtiger CRM.

Create a new funnel

To create a new funnel you can do as for every modules, just click on add funnel from funnel listview:

After that you have to input funnel name:


Now you can save and get detail view, where you can add stages of funnel:

[1] Click here to add a stage

[2] Click here to reorder stages

[3] Click here to edit stage

[4] Click here to activate / deactivate stage

[5] Click here to remove stage


If you click on + button you can add stage:

[1] Name that identify stage

[2] Module of stage

[3] Numeric field used to calculate sum

[4] Date field on which filter are based


After you set this value you can go in modification of stage and add also conditions:



After creation of stage you can see result with a click on related tab menu called RESULT:


Now you can see results:


[1] You can quickly filter data with filter based on period

[2] You can quickly filter data with filter based on users

[3] You can export results table in excel



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