Frontend customizer and colorizer

Frontend customizer and colorizer

With this module you can change some part of vtiger CRM layout to improve users experience.

Set rules:

[1] click here to add a new rule

[2] Select module

[3] Check if are available update of this module

[4] Disable / edit / duplicate / remove rule


Create / edit new rule

In an intuitive way you can set the rules you need:

  • select module
  • select in what view rule should work
  • set condition
  • configure color / action


Set color

It’s very easy to set color for fields or line:

[1] Select the fields you want apply color

[2] Add color

[3] Decide if in listview should be colorized the whole raw


Other actions

There are different action other than colorize, you can use to modify your layout:

  • show / hide blocks
  • show / hide fields
  • collapse / expand blocks
  • make mandatory fields
  • add tooltip to label
  • make readonly field
  • set field label
  • show / hide icon before / after field
  • active bbc code
  • prevent click on submit

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