Flex report for Vtiger

Flex report for Vtiger

With this module you can create every type of report you need to analyze your data.

After installing module through module manager you will find under INVENTORY menu voice. Click on the voice to get reports list:

[1] Click here to create a new report

[2] Click here to import a report

[3] Click here to edit report

[4] Click here to duplicate report

[5] Click here to see report results

[6] Module report is related

[7] Click here to delete record


Create a new report

If you click on [1] then you can create a new report. First of all you have to choose the module report is related between all vtiger entity modules:

After module is selected you get:

[1] Select typology of report you want to do (note that if you swith between typology you lost some settings)

[2] Settings of this report

[3] Export report

[4] Save report after changes

[5] Click here to reload report after changes and have a preview


Add fields with drag and drop

Add fields to report is extremly easy with drag and drop:


Report settings

In report settings you can set:

[1] GENERAL SETTINGS: here you can set name of report, sharing permission and if show in summary view of record

[2] REPORT TYPE SETTINGS: setting specific for every type of record

[3] LIMIT RECORD: here you can set conditions to filter records


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