Exchange sync for vtiger

Exchange sync for vtiger


Thanks to the Exchange Sync Module for VTiger CRM, you will be able to synchronize your Exchange Calendar (also Office365 and Exchange Online) with VTiger CRM Calendar.

All your scheduled events will be visible both in Outlook and in VTiger CRM. You will be able to modify and delete existing events (and also add new ones): the sync process will replicate modification on both sides (CRM and Exchange).



You can install the module using vTiger Module Manager

In order to install it follow the steps below:

1. Go to CRM Settings -> Studio -> Module Manager and click on INSTALL FROM ZIP

2. Select the module and proceed with the installation

3. When you first open the module the license key will be required: once you insert it, the module will be fully available.

System requirements:

* PHP min 5.3 – max 7

* cURL with NTLM support (min version 7.30.0)

* Exchange 2007 or newer or MS Office365 or MS Exchange Online



Once installed, you need to configure your exchange account in order to allow VTiger CRM to connect to your Exchange Calendar.

Go to [All] on CRM’s menu, then click on [ExchangeSyncItem].

Here you can insert your exchange account name and password and the URL of the Exchange Calendar.

With the [Validate Exchange Credentials] button you will be able to verify if all data are correct.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can use the remaining voices in the menu to complete the configuration of ExchangeSync module.

–> If you use Office365 set Calendar position Exchange Account to “” <–

[Synchronise the last] – allows you to set number of days you want to keep synchronized between Exchange Calendar and CRM calendar.

[User status] – allows you to identify the status of the sync for your account: in case of error, you can reactivate sync for your account by setting Status on [Active].

[Sync direction] – allows you to decide if you want CRM Events to be transferred on Exchange Calendar or vice versa. You can also set a Bidirectional sync.

[Priority] – If an event is modified both on CRM side and Exchange side, this option allows you to decide which of the two will prevail in the Sync procedure.

[Default Parameters] – In this section you can set standard values (default starting and ending time for the day) and decide default status and priority for events that will be created on Exchange Calendar during the synchronization.

[Privacy Settings] – in this section you can set default privileges for events that will be created on CRM side during the Sync and include-exclude private events in the Synchronization.

You can set sync frequency from the task scheduler (VTiger Option Menu).


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