Email Marketing for Vtiger

Email Marketing for Vtiger


With this module you can easily send email campaign directly from Vtiger to your leads / contacts / organizations. To do that you

Step 1: main campaign information

In step one you will set main information of campaign:

  1. Name of campaign to identify campaign
  2. Assigner of campaign: will affect visibility of campaign according to standard sharing rules of vtiger
  3. From name: name show in email FROM
  4. From Email: email campaign will come from
  5. Reply to: if receiver of email replay, will replay to this email
  6. Unsubscribe option: if checked unsubscribe link will be present at the bottom of email if not set custom in email marketing template module
  7. Assignment type: here you can decide email tracking record assignement. For every mail sent will be created a record to track if email it’s open / clicked. So if this record is assigned to Entity assignee (for example if lead receiving email is assigned to Salesman A, then also email tracking record is assigned to Salesman A, and in this case can see result of campaign related to record he have visibility.


Step 2: select subscribers

In this second step you can choose who will receive emails. First of all it’s important to say that you can send emails to leads, contacts and organizations at same time.

Note that you can combine more sources on same campaign, so you can add some receiver from a list, some from a report and some from past campaign at same time.

You can add receiver from different sources:

From list

You can create all list you need where you can set conditions with our advanced system to set conditions:

In this way you can create a very specific target based on value of CRM fields.

From past campaign

You can also start from result of past campaign. You have simply to select a past campaign and then decide who should receive email based on past campaign events / actions:

  • who click / not click on link
  • who opened / not opened email
  • All


From report

You can also create a group of receiver based on standard Vtiger report. This allow to you for example to select contact related to a sales order with specific product, or everythings you can list on a report.

You have only to select record and module to consider:

From Flex report

You can also select report from our module FLEX REPORT


Step 3: select template

I this step you can choose template from standard vtiger templates or from our email marketing template creator.

  1. Click here to select a template from standard vtiger template
  2. Click here to select a template from Email Marketing template advanced
  3. Here you can add subject of email
  4. Here will be add body of email (manually or from template)

Step 4: send your email

At step 4 you can verify previous steps and perform some action:

  1. Go to first step to change data
  2. Go to second step to change list of receivers
  3. go to third steps to change content of email
  4. Go to first step to change from email
  5. Go back
  6. Send test email
  7. Schedule campaign later
  8. Start campaign


Report of campaign

After a campaign is sent you can analyze effects of you campaign in report page:

Here you can see:

  1. how many email were sent
  2. how many unique open (and who)
  3. How many clicks, clicks for every link and who clicked
  4. How many unsubscirbers

History of email campaign in record page

Every receivers of email have history of email campaign in related list, all campaign received, if clicked and if open:


How to create beautyfull and responsive email

Thanks to our email marketing editor you can create responsive email with good design.

You can create email just with drag and drop system:

Every block have possibility to set style and some option, in a very intuitive way:

You can set Style of block:



And you can set content of block:




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