Advanced webform for Vtiger

Advanced webform for Vtiger


Advanced webform for vtiger module give you more possiblity than standard vtiger webform.

Thanks to advance webform for vtiger you will be able to manage webform also to update your record instead of create new one.

You have 2 major possiblity:

  1. recognize duplicated record by CRMID: this is used when you need to update some field on some existing record. You can for example put in email template or Workflow Designer email template a palceholder that will be converted in CRMID during mail sending, so customer will be redirect to a page where can compile a form that will update some data on CRM
  2. recognize record by fields: in this case if a duplicated is found instead of new creation you can choose to skip or mergeĀ  record

You can also set captcha version 2 directly in webform.

How it works

Modules is very similar to vtiger standard webform modules, but with features to prevent duplication of record and many other features.


[1] Here you can insert webform name

[2] Here you can choose modules from all vtiger modules

[3] Here you can set return url, like a thank you page

[4] Assigner of webform

[5] Check if webform is active

[6] With this function you can recognize a record by crm id. To do that you have to input url in following way:


where CRMID is ID of record, for example if url of contact record is:


then CRMID of this record isĀ 129960

In this case all fields in form will update fields of selected record in CRM. This function is very usefull used in bundle with Workflow Designer for Vtiger.

[7] Here you can choose action to perform with record found if duplicated:

  • skip: skip record, no changes are done to record found
  • overwrite: completly overwrite record found
  • merge: merge selected field

[8] Autosubmit: if you check this form will be sent also without clicking on submit button. Of course should be used with recognize by crm ID, so you can pass to a record predefined values.

[9] Here you can select assigned to of record created

[10] CAPTCHA: here you can set if use captcha and captcha configuration

[11] Select fields you want in webform

[12] label to use if you want autocompile a field

[13] Here you can flag fields to use to find duplicate when crmid it’s not flagged. For example if you flag First Name and Last Name, will be considered duplicated a record if at same time First Name and Last Name are the same.

Automatically compile fields

With webform advanced you can also automatically compile some fields dinamically, creating a link like:


This allow you to send values dinamically, using for example Workflow Designer to create the link.

When a form is prefilled can be, in example, automatically sent if autosubmit is check. Or can be used to show data to a customer.

Variable name should be taken from [12]


  • Send email to customers after a ticket is closed to give a vote on quality of support
  • Ask customers to compile some information we need on them
  • When a lead compile form on web avoid duplication
  • Manage gdpr: read article



Prefill checkbox it’s not possible in this moment





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