Advanced Menu for Vtiger

Advenced menu for Vtiger


You can install Advanced menu for vtiger module using Module manager in Vtiger settings.

After installation you will find a new voice under EXTENSION -> ITM ADVANCED MENU


Installation will create your first menu (MAIN MENU) with same voice of Vtiger menu.

If not other menu are created than all roles will inherits menu voices from MAIN MENU.

View type

When module is installed you can select what view should be enabled:

  • Default menu: if selected you will use Vtiger standard menu
  • Horizontal menu
  • Vertical menu

Example of horizontal menu:


Example of vertical menu:

Overwrite or add menu button

You can decide if menu will overwrite standard menu button:


Or if you want add menu without remove standard menu:

Single role menu

A very interesting option is possibilty to create a specific menu for every roles. It’s very easy.

Simply click on + icon near menu list, select a role and a new empty¬† menu for role you selected it’s created:

1 – Select new role after + icon is clicked:

2 – here empty menu:


How to populate menu

Populate menu is extremely easy:

1 – you can copy voices from another menu simply clicking on COPY MENU FROM and selecting role from which you want to copy voices

2 – add voices one by one clicking on + button on every menu block:

Add module

Here you can add one or more module to menu block just selecting them and click on SAVE.

Note that if you check ADD TO ALL ROLES than voices are add to all menu

Add link

This option allow you to add an external url in your menu:


Add filter

With this option you can add a menu voice that lead to a specific filter on listview:


Create link

With this option you can go to create view of a specific module:


Create separator

With create separator option you can add a separator between voices on menu.


But it

Flex Menu for Vtiger



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