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Check time spent in projects with timecontrol for Vtiger

In vtiger projects task you can manually add worked hours, but these hours are not summed in project and if different people is working on same task it’s not possible track single activities. To resolve this limitation you can use our timecontrol for Vtiger and workflow designer. With this modules you can achieve following results:

  • track every activity from yours employees, also different activity on same task
  • track total hours spent in a single project task as sum of different timecontrol associated to the task
  • track total hours spent in vtiger project as sum of hours related to different tasks


Use timecontrol for vtiger to add time to tasks

With timecontrol module you can create records to track time spent related to different entity. In our case you will create timecontrol related to project task. You can add timecontrol directly from project task related list:


If you click on ADD TIME CONTROL you can add your record with all data you need (obviously you can customize fields of this module):


Timecontrol for Vtiger is a very usefull module becouse you can see created records in different way, one of that is scheduler view:


With this view you can for example see all time spent during day from yours employees in different tasks.


Sum timecontrol hours in task

In previous example you can see different timecontrol associated to same task. So what you need is sum this timecontrol in task. Task have a field called Working hours where we can place this sum. Achieve this result is extremly easy with workflow designer, that have a block that allow you to make calculation in a fast way.

So you can create a specific workflow:


That have following blocks:


Block of calculation allow you to easly create calculation:

You have only to:

  • select module from where records are taken (in our case timecontrol)
  • give condition to select records (in our case timecontrol related to project task)
  • select field you have to use to make calculation (in our case Total Time)
  • select type of calculation (in our case summarize)

Following step is set value:


Last block we used is to start a workflow in project that will sum all project tasks, in this way the final result will be correctly calculated on project, with sum of all tasks worked hours:


What you have seen on project could be extended to all vtiger modules, like service contract, opportunty and so on.

To achieve the result you need this two modules:

If you need more info or share an idea please comment this post!



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